Fitness Passion

Fitness Hook Gymfocuses on 3 things

* Creating an exciting energy that affects one’s emotions and awareness.
* Helping you to get the body of your dreams.
* Learning what every other “health clubs” are doing and then doing just the opposite.

Know about us


•State of the art machinery
•Opulent Interiors
•Thump of your favorite music
•Catching up on news or a match on a treadmill
•Courteous and professional staff
•Apt Crowd •Convenient location

Safe & Secure Environment

•We at Fitness Hook is committed to provide you with a safe environment.
•Round the clock CCTV Surveillance.
•Biometric access control.
•Automated Fire Control System.
•Advanced air-conditioning technology which minimizes bacteria in air, reducing the chance of airborne infections maintaining the freshness of the premises at the same time.

Les Mill Classes

Services of FitnessHook!

Sports Yoga

Cycling workout with some great Music

Body Pump

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Professionals fitness mantra...

Quality and Kgs together...
Always aim to gain lean muscle mass because the quality of your muscles matter more than being big and having more fat percentage. People doing that are more likely putting easier approaches towards their lifestyle and if they can, they should try to increase their determination for better visibility and definition of the muscles. Will soon talk on some flexibility and muscle size which is another shortcoming for most fitness freaks.
Be fit! Don't just focus on the external, go deeper within the mind and body and define all the components of fitness.

Sikander Madan

Sikander Madan

Sikander Madan

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